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Rings with Abalone & Black holographic glitter

£ 22.75

Sku: RDAN05

These rings are made with a stainless steel core, and have a black holographic glitter base set within a clear finish.
In this I have placed pieces of abalone shell, all of which catch the light and show off the greens, purples and greys of the shell.

I will be producing more of these in different colours, so please check my other listings.
In addition I can make rings to order, given enough notice.

UK Ring Size

A, B, C, D, D½, E, E½, F, F½, G, G½, H, H½, I, J, J½, K, K½, L, L½, M, M½, N, N½, O, O½, P, P½, Q, Q½, R, R½, S, S½, T, T½, U, U½, V, V½, W, W½, X, X½, Y, Y½, Z, Z+1, Z+2, Z+3, Z+4, Z½


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Rings with Abalone & Black holographic glitter

£ 22.75